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Are You Interested In Additional Space Without Movng Out Of Your Current Home Or Office?

When a home or business becomes too cluttered, there’s no reason to move to a larger space. Self Storage provides a great opportunity to remove items that aren’t used on a daily basis from a home without the need to sell or give them away. Homes that are placed on the market for sale usually sell better when a lot of the clutter is removed from closets and basements. Excess furniture can be temporarily stored to give the appearance of larger rooms in a home. Access to items in storage are flexible and usually accommodate almost anyone’s schedule.

In today’s world, grown children return home and the college-age children need somewhere to stay during the summer. Trying to cram all of their personal belongings from the dormitory into the garage or basement never usually works. A great solution for this type of problem is Self Storage Augusta GA. A child returning home from college can store their items in a smaller storage unit without cluttering up their parent’s home. When they leave for school in the fall, it will take one stop to the unit to remove their college items until the next break begins. This solid solution for eliminating storage problems and squabbles can happen.

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Storage Units can range in a variety of sizes including:

Parking spot for a car, boat or RV.

5x5 unit can store a chest of drawers, desk, file cabinet, several boxes and small mattress set.


5x10 size can store a studio or small one-bedroom apartment.

5x15 unit is capable of storing a one-bedroom apartment, patio furniture, washer/dryer, boxes and miscellaneous items.


5x20 holds furnishings from two or three bedroom apartment or home.

10x10 size can store a one or two bedroom apartment and many boxes.

10x30 will be able to store a four or five bedroom house including appliances, patio furniture, and garage extras.


Sizes continue to increase at a storage facility including up to a 30x40 unit that can fit several standard size vehicles.

Storage rates and access can vary. Many storage facilities have 24-hour video surveillance and others do not. Climate controlled units are ideal for delicate items like electronics, artwork, and antiques. The facility should be completed fenced for further protection for the units. Some storage facilities offer specials such as a free truck rental when a renter moves in or a variety of other things. When someone needs additional space, self-storage is definitely worth investigating.

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